Work it Gurl!

It's time, I'M DONE.  I officially committed to working out at a ***REAL*** gym this week.  I have an elliptical at home and still plan to use that for days when I just can't make it to the gym, but I want to add weight training and other options so I don't get bored and can hopefully maintain a regular exercise schedule.  Of course the first week is easy and exciting, but I have managed to get up at 4am for the past two days and spend 1 1/2 hours at the gym before showering and getting to work.  I am so happy at the end of the day when I can go straight home and be a vegetable since I already have my work out finished for the day.  The added benefit is that I shower before going to work at the gym using their towels, soap and water cutting down on washing and expense at home!  Here I am now:

and here is what I hope to accomplish:

This should only take me a couple of more workouts don't you think?  Yeah right!


  1. 4am??? That is commitment. I'm really good at working out/eating right for a good 10 days and then...

  2. I'm hoping I can stay with this. The older I get the more I need it!