Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Whew!  What a worldwind weekend we have had.  Such fun memories with our friends and family.  We started the weekend off with a fiesta party with our lake family.

Our sweet grandson wore his bathing suit for the first time and dipped his toes into the cold lake water.

Hayley jumped right in and kept asking if she could remove her life jackets and swim out into the lake.  Scared me and her mother to death!

We cooked and ate, and then cooked and ate again.  I'm not going to be able to eat again for sometime!

Christopher talked us into a little on-line game play at home in between lake trips.

Brianne was sick at home and we missed her terribly.

Carly snuggled her Daddy on the boat.

Forgive the FB picture, but I just loved this picture of Carly and Danny. 

Now to rest up for next weekend!

Getting Ready for Graduation

Our youngest daughter is getting ready to graduate from high school and go off to college to study nursing.  Even though we have already had two leave the nest we are getting a little sad to see this pretty girl go out and make her mark on the world. 

She is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside.  What a blessing our Carly has been these past 18 years.  We know that she is on her way to becoming a beautiful woman.  We love you Carly!

Look Who's One!

Oh my little love dumpling is one year old today!  Our precious grandson Wyatt Weston fills our lives with love and we can't wait to celebrate this weekend.  Those sweet cheeks need some Mimi lovin!

One year ago today we were greeting you in McKinney, Texas.

And Big Sister was so happy to see you for the first time.

You were the most beautiful baby we had ever seen!


Happy Birthday little love!  Mimi and Dandy are so proud of you!

Work it Gurl!

It's time, I'M DONE.  I officially committed to working out at a ***REAL*** gym this week.  I have an elliptical at home and still plan to use that for days when I just can't make it to the gym, but I want to add weight training and other options so I don't get bored and can hopefully maintain a regular exercise schedule.  Of course the first week is easy and exciting, but I have managed to get up at 4am for the past two days and spend 1 1/2 hours at the gym before showering and getting to work.  I am so happy at the end of the day when I can go straight home and be a vegetable since I already have my work out finished for the day.  The added benefit is that I shower before going to work at the gym using their towels, soap and water cutting down on washing and expense at home!  Here I am now:

and here is what I hope to accomplish:

This should only take me a couple of more workouts don't you think?  Yeah right!