Preserving Memories

I had a framed piece of needlework that my Grandmother GG had made for her office when she worked at Lufkin State Bank that didn't work well with my decor.  The red mat that framed each piece was faded and I didn't want to hang it on the wall anymore.  I decided to take the artwork apart and re-frame it for my collage wall in the entry way of my home.  Here is the needlepoint before:

And here is her signature on the back of the frame which I cut out to tape inside the new frame for my kids:

I taped each piece to the new mat and had to use old greeting cards to make the mat just a little larger. 

And after I had this:

Which works so nicely on my collage wall.

I can now enjoy my Grandmother's needlepoint with a few other treasurers.  Ahhhhhhh

It's Almost Time.

We have been working hard over the past couple of months to get our dock at the lake ready for summer.  We've built, sanded and stained more pieces of wood than I care to remember!  We even built our first piece of cabinet to hold the T.V.  I have never been so proud of a piece of wood as I am of the cabinet.

Here is the dock before we began:

And here is the dock after:

Now it's time to relax at the lake.  Happy Friday everyone!

Two by Two.......our Pets

Sometimes I wonder if we have an ark or a house!  We certainly have our fair share of pets and it's funny how each pet seems to end up with AT LEAST two names!
Here is "Charlie" with our granddaughter Hayley.  We never call him Charlie though.  He is lovingly referred to as "Big Dog" or "Boy".
Leading the life of leisure on the boat.

Out for a walk in the park with his coat on.  Love it!


This is Roxy our dapple Dachshund.  She is Carly's baby and we call her Roxy or Roxanne.

Little Sasha is our Chiweenie.  She's affectionately known as Sasha Girl, Little Wiener Girl, Big Eared Girl.

Here is our baby Snow.  We never call her Snow.  Danny always renames our pets to whatever he thinks despite our efforts to get him to call them the cute names that we think up.  He thought she was special so that became her name.  Can you imagine standing out in the backyard yelling for Special?  Hmmm.... I'm sure the neighbors think we're pretty special!

Special taking a little nap.

Special posing in a bathtub.

We also have Special's sister and her name was supposed to be Bella, but of course Danny renamed her and I'm embarrassed to even type out what we call her daily.  He started calling her Puppy Puppy and now that is her name.  One day the vet called to discuss her and even the vet was embarrassed to say that he was calling about Puppy Puppy!

Isn't sister love sweet?

This picture is when Carly and I drove to Huntsville to pick Puppy Puppy up and it was taken in McDonalds.  Doesn't everyone go to McDonalds to get their Chihuahuas?

Carly's cat Tigerlily was rescued from Operation Kindness in Carrollton.  She also has a million names.  Tig, Tigger Tum, big kitty.  She is so pretty.
Brianne has two cats Missy and Macey and they live with her now.  She has had Missy since 2001 so they have pretty much grown up together.  Here is sweet Missy:

and last, but not least Macey who is also known as baby baby.  She lives with Jonas, Brianne and Missy.

  Here she is enjoying her cat condo.  The life of Baby Baby!

Now all we need is Noah to help us take care of our menagerie!



I thought I would capture my family in one post and then update it each year to compare how the kids have grown and changed.  In my case I will just count grey hairs each year!

This is me and my husband Danny.  We have been married since 1982 and have four children.

Our oldest son Blake is married to Brandi and they have our two precious grandchildren Hayley and Wyatt.  They live near us in McKinney so we get to see our sweeties often!


Our oldest daughter Brianne and Jonas have our precious Olivia.  She is such a cutie patootie!

Carly is our youngest daughter.  She is a senior this year and is planning on going to SFA to become a nurse.  We are so proud.

Christopher is the baby of the family and he is 17 (will be 18 in August).  We adopted him at birth and he has autism and a developmental disorder which is another post in itself.  Christopher won't be able to live on his own and will always live at home with us.  He loves spending time on our boat at the lake and playing with our dogs.

A big family!  Life is good!

Craigslist Upcycle of Rattan Chairs

I'm in the middle of wanting to redo my home from the 90s and early 2000s jewel tone colors and go for a more serene beachy feel.  I've slowly been giving my "old" furniture and decorations to my adult children, Blake and his wife Brandi and our daughter Brianne while collecting new (old) treasurers.  Since downsizing to a home that is 1/2 the size of our former home I'm finding that our large-scale furniture simply doesn't work in some of the smaller rooms.  I just hate to buy expensive furniture and then get it home and decide that I don't really like how it fits or the look of the room.  As my taste is evolving I decided to find temporary pieces for some rooms that would work for while my new taste gets defined.  One such treasure was this pair of barrel-back rattan chairs.  I found these on Craigslist and decided to give them a shabby look using chalk paint and a fabric remnant that I found at Hancocks.  Here is one of the chairs before:

I freshened them up with a nice white and then recovered the seat in less than five minutes!  Here is the after:

I then used fabric paint and stenciled this french design on duck cloth and inserted a pillow form.

All in all I'm happy with my CL upcycle.  Now, if I could just "play" in my paints and fabrics all day!  I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes she could get paid for her hobby!!

I Tried My Hand at Chalk Paint

I recently used white chalk paint to update a vintage chair for my dining room.  I love finding new and interesting ways to upcycle my picking treasures!  Here is one of the six chairs I did before:

And here is a picture of the same chair after I reupolstered it and freshened it up with the chalk paint:

You can buy chalk paint such as Annie Sloan or you can make your own using a recipe like the one my friend Dumpster Diva blogged about. For this chair I used Dumpster Diva's recipe and I couldn't be happier with the results.  I can't wait to get started on my next project!